Peter Bjorn and John
October 20th, 19:00

It’s been five years since Peter Bjorn And John have wowed the world with their musical talents. During a fruitful period of disappearance, the trio have built their own studio, started a record label, and toiled to perfect a formula for effortless sounding pop music that (spoiler alert!) has taken them a huge amount of effort.

The gang of childhood friends who once bonded over a love of ’60s baroque pop and Stone Roses famously broke the mould an entire decade ago with one of the catchiest songs to feature whistling ever – ‘Young Folks’. But as bassist and production whizz Bjorn says, ‘Young Folks’ was not a curse upon a career that is on the verge of entering its seventh era with forthcoming album ‘Breakin’ Point’.

‘Breakin’ Point’ is about the band’s newfound search for another career high. “We started with some other album title ideas – like ‘Thriller 2’. Then we realised we were pushing the envelope so got into the idea of a breaking point. If we broke it once, we can break it twice,” says Bjorn. That’s why the album artwork features a hammer with three heads on it, not just to strike your nightmares, but to send a message out to everyone. “It says – ‘We’re back! We’re smashing it!’

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Lubomyr Melnyk | Sven Helbig & Forrklang Quartett
October 21th, 19:00

Sven Helbig‘s music is a virtuoso combination of traditional classical music, experimental electronica and pop. His ear for simple, captivating melodies, his well-trained classical
arrangement technique and his sure hand for electronic sound creations create fascinating sound landscapes.
Now Sven is on tour with his Forrklang Quartet and is presenting his latest works as well as chamber music versions of well-known pieces.

Lubomyr Melnyk is a true innovator, exploring new directions for contemporary music. Not only is he regarded as one of the world’s fastest concert pianists, his compositions also truly carry the listener to new realms. To witness one of his rare live performances is nothing short of a mind-opening experience.

Melnyk has shown a remarkable devotion to the instrument, always striving to discover new ways of composing music in the continuous mode. His focus is on the actual sound of the piano as much as the harmonies and melodies of the music.

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